Baja SAE team consists of 35+ members who are challenged every school year to design, test, and build a single seat off road buggy that will compete in 3 nation-wide events where 100 global universities are evaluated in static and dynamic events

Our accomplishments from each competition this past April, May and June are as follows:
Baja Cali race 2017.jpg
  • 2nd place in acceleration
  • 5th place in hill climb
  • 15th place overall

Baja Kansas Race 2017.jpg

  • 5th place in acceleration
  • 4th place in the 4 hour endurance race (also fastest lap time)
  • 11th place overall
Baja Illinois Race 2017.jpg
  • 2nd place in rock crawl
  • 1st place in the endurance race! (first time ever for the club)
  • 8th place overall (first time breaking top ten overall)
Our goals for this year are:
  • Manufacture a brand new 2017/18 car from the ground up.
  • Increase team knowledge in data anaylsis and testing.
  • Place top 10 overall in all 3 competitions
For more information on what we’re doing or how to get involved please send them to our website at