Dr. George Youssef Receives Prestigious Ralph R. Teetor Award

goerge-article-picEvery year, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) selects a few outstanding early career engineering educators to receive the prestigious Ralph R. Teetor award. The objective is to stimulate engineering-centric discussions between practitioners and educators to better prepare students for industry. The Mechanical Engineering department is proud to declare that our professor, Dr. George Youssef, was one of the 2016 SAE Ralph R. Teetor recipients. Dr. Youssef received the award during a special ceremony as part of the SAE Congress in Detroit, Michigan in April 2016 for his efforts in mentoring multiple SAE collegiate competition teams and his significant contributions to improving the design curriculum through innovative pedagogies. Additionally, Dr. Youssef was selected based on nomination and recommendation from colleagues and students from San Diego State University and his previous academic institution. The award is not only a testimony to his work but also to the Mechanical Engineering department’s commitment to excellence in research and education.

Congratulations, Dr. Youssef!

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