Aztec Electric Racing

AER Team.jpg

Aztec Electric Racing, commonly referred to as AER, is a new club at San Diego State University that is making waves (electromagnetic waves, that is.)

AER started out with 6 friends willing to take a giant leap of faith to make an amazing thing happen, not only build an electric powered race car, but one that would compete among the best teams in the nation, and win! 

AER quickly grew to a team of over 70, ranging in major from various disciplines of engineering, to computer science, graphic design, and business administration. We even have 5 master’s students and 1 PhD!

AER strives to provide students with an invaluable hands-on learning experience, through a team based, precision vehicle build project. We compete in a competition series called Formula SAE, where we design, build, test and race a Formula-1 style race car, that is completely powered by electricity!

AER aims to show the world SDSU excellence in engineering, science, the arts and business.


The Haas Foundation Awarded Aztec Electric Racing $2500

On Friday 4/7/2017, the Haas Foundation awarded College of Engineering youngest student’s club a grant to complete the design and construction of SDSU’s first electric racecar. Aztec Electric Racing submitted the grant application in February 2017. The application highlighted the innovative approach adopted by AER to instill hands-on technical and nontechnical skills in all the members by simulating a fully functional engineering firm. Thus far, AER completed major milestones including Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews as well as Design for Manufacturing Reviews, raw materials and off-the-shelf components, and currently in the progress of completing manufacturing and assembly. The Haas Foundation generous award comes at a critical time, where the $2500 will be used to acquire the remaining items to finish the construction and prepare the team for the competition in June 2017. AER has set forth very ambitious goals at the beginning of the 2016-2017 academic year and remains very optimistic about these goals as the team works tirelessly to prepare for the competition. Achieving our goals will help to establish a long-lasting partnership with the Haas Foundation to prepare the next generation of engineering leaders and innovators.