Aztec Electric Racing Joins Department as Newest Student Organization

Aztec Electric Racing (AER) is the newest club to join the Mechanical Engineering department and is already making waves-electromagnetic waves, that is. AER competes in the Formula SAE series; a world-renown competition series that is built around designing innovative Formula 1 style race cars.

img_8982-1AER was formed in response to the growing need for alternative modes of transportation. Today, the world is facing tough challenges surrounding the use of fossil fuels. Carbon emissions and the dwindling reserve of fossil fuels have highlighted the need to decrease polluting emissions and to find alternative forms of energy. Electric cars, like the ones that AER makes, accomplish both of these needs. Electric vehicles (EVs) release little to no emissions, permitted their energy is clean-air electricity. Since EVs use electricity as their energy source, they are a more sustainable mode of transportation. As a bonus, electric motors are very efficient. The average electric motor has 75% efficiency whereas the average spark ignition engine, like the ones found in most cars, has a maximum efficiency of 30%. The motors that AER is using have an efficiency between 93-98%.

AER’s arrival on campus is very timely and shows the world SDSU’s commitment to research and innovation.

If you are interested in joining Aztec Electric Racing, please email them at and like their Facebook page to be kept up to date on their progress as well as upcoming events: 

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