Sulaiman Altaneeb

Sulaiman Altaneeb is an international student from Kuwait who joined SDSU in Fall 2013 with a scholarship by Kuwait’s Ministry of Higher Education. Sulaiman has a huge interest in solar energy and is hoping to work in the solar energy field at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research’s Department of Renewable Energy. Further, Sulaiman took a training course on Solar Photovoltaic sizing and installation at a Kuwaiti company named Solarity, as well as, Dr. Fletcher Miller’s Solar Energy class at SDSU to equip myself with the skills to work in the solar energy industry. He believes solar energy is essential for the future of humanity. On a different note, in his free time Sulaiman enjoys playing soccer and watching political talk shows. He also love shows such as Game of Thrones and House of Cards. Sulaiman will be returning to Kuwait after graduating in May.