Dr. Camacho receives NSF grant to host Workshop on Clean Combustion in Bielefeld University, Germany

Bielefeld picture


Prof. Joaquin Camacho received a travel support grant from the National Science Foundation to coordinate participation in an exclusive research workshop in Bielefeld, Germany. Specifically, Prof. Camacho is supporting the travel of leading US scientists who were invited to contribute to the “International Bunsen Discussion Meeting on Chemistry and Diagnostics for Clean Combustion” which will be held this June at Bielefeld University. The invited scientists include professors from Stanford University, Princeton University, UCLA, Purdue University, Cornell University and Sandia National Labs. Prof. Camacho will also discuss his research on measuring the size of soot nanoparticles that are on the scale of 1nm.

Prof. Camacho & Students work with Graphite-like Carbon Nanoparticles

Prof. Camacho and students have started experimental work in the Energy FANS lab. The first experimental set-up is pictured along with Freshmen researchers Chris Oyuela, Paige Doherty, Kirra Cardena and Jeremy Brunnenmeyer (from left to right). The first experiments are to synthesize graphite-like carbon nanoparticles in flames. The experimental results will be presented by Prof. Camacho at the 10th US National Combustion Meeting at the University of Maryland.

Prof Camacho students 2017.jpg