Christian Reha

Christian Reha is a Mechanical Engineering student graduating in May 2017. Christian has extensive volunteering experience as a math and physics tutor at San Diego Mesa College. He has a passion for horticulture and has acquired decades’ worth of experience with related  fieldwork and frequently volunteers at the SDSU Greenhouse. He is one of the founding members of the San Diego Carnivorous Plant Society, a recognized non-profit organization which promotes conservation and knowledge under the San Diego Botanical Garden Foundation. Christian is also a member of the SDSU Mechatronics Club, where he enjoys working on the Control Systems Test Vehicle in preparation for the 2017 International RoboSub Competition. Outside of SDSU, Christian is an intern at Raytheon Integrated Defense, there he gained assembly level clean room experience and even received the RayBEN certificate of appreciation. Christian’s other interest includes, the design of Electromechanical Systems subject to harsh environments and seeks to advance this interest through industry practice and post-graduate education. As a direct result of his academic achievements, devoted volunteer contributions, extracurricular investments, and vigorous work ethic, he has been offered an Electromechanical Engineering position with Northrop Grumman. Ultimately, he is devoted to applying his engineering education towards the development of Planetary Science monitoring systems.