Dr. Kee Moon receives grant from AMOSENSE Corporation

Dr. Kee Moon’s research project sponsored from AMOSENSE (award totaling $200,445) is to develop an ultrasonic wireless power transfer technology that can be used for implantable medical devices. The research focuses on improving transmission efficiency and distance by matching resonance frequencies between ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. Wireless power transmission is an attractive alternative to low-power biomedical implants to overcome the power limitation of the primary battery.


Dr. Moon’s research is also supported by NIH – NIMHD (multiple investigators, total award amount of $10M) to build capacity and infrastructure for population health and health disparities research, an International Winter Program in SDSU sponsored by Sejong University ($266, 600), a Kagoshima Summer Program ($21,000),  in addition to NSF support of $125,00 for senior design projects to develop Assistive Technology.