Dr. Naseradinmousavi receives NSF award for $230,377

Dr. Peiman Naseradinmousavi, as Lead PI, received an NSF Award # 1823951/18233983 entitled “Collaborative Research: Decentralized Adaptive and Extremum Seeking Control of Robot Manipulators Using Image Processing”. The SDSU budget is $230,377. The methods developed in the project are tailored to the efficient use of image data to facilitate real-time multi-agent path planning and collision avoidance. This will be accomplished using a combination of geometric representations and feature-based learning. Orientations and 3-D positions will be characterized for HSV color-classified objects to be grasped, for obstacles, and for destinations where the objects are to be placed. These orientations and 3-D positions will be employed for real-time generation of collision-free paths to be used as desirable trajectories. Computationally efficient fully decentralized and energy-efficient extremum seeking control schemes will be formulated, leveraging inherently parallel and highly redundant processing architecture and operating in the presence of interconnected nonlinearities, saturations, and uncertainties. Experimental validation of the results, using a 28th-order Baxter robot, will be carried out to examine the robustness and to validate the computational-energy efficiency of the algorithms.