Graduate ME student, Vi Vu, wins Women in Engineering Award at the 2018 Student Research Symposium

Vi Vu, a Mechanical and Aerospace Graduate Student, received the Women in Engineering Award, sponsored by Satish Sharma. Below is the research that was presented at SRS.

This research is a collaborated work between Dr. May-Newman’s Cardiovascular Bioengineering Lab at SDSU and Dr. del Álamo’s research group at UCSD. Dr. May-Newman’s research lab dedicate to improving the lives of patients with heart disease through innovative approaches to medical device design and integration. The presented work is an experimental study using a mock circulatory loop and customized silicon left ventricle (LV) model, which focused on studying the effect of prosthesis mitral valve design and orientation on the flow inside patient’s LV. We used particle image velocimetry to measure the 2-dimensional velocity field inside the LV, characterized different flow properties, and assessed how the changes in flow patterns and properties may associate with higher thromboembolic risk. The findings indicated that the flow patterns varied considerably, and certain valve designs and orientation are more favorable than the others in decreasing thromboembolic risk. This work is in the process of publication.


Pictured above: The Cardiovascular Bioengineering Lab’s mock circulatory loop




Pictured above: 2-dimensional velocity field inside the LV