Baja SAE team consists of 35+ members who are challenged every school year to design, test, and build a single seat off road buggy that will compete in 3 nation-wide events where 100 global universities are evaluated in static and dynamic events. This year, the Baja team will be traveling to Maryland, Missouri and Oregon to compete. Pictured below is their off road buggy that they will be using in their competitions.

Aztec Baja.JPG

Their goals for last year were to

  • Manufacture a brand new 2017/18 car from the ground up.
  • Increase team knowledge in data anaylsis and testing.
  • Place top 10 overall in all 3 competitions

They have succeeded in the first two goals and hopefully will reach their last goal!

For more information on what we’re doing or how to get involved please send them to our website at