Dr. Olevsky wins $358,735 award from the US Department of the Army MSI STEM Research & Development Consortium

Dr. Olevsky is the designated PI from SDSU to lead the 3-year program titled “Stable Manufacturing of Advanced Powder Components by Ultra-Rapid Pressure- and Assisted Sintering.” Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) aka Field Assisted Sintering (FAS) has recently emerged as a viable manufacturing technology, capable of reducing sintering times from hours to minutes for nearly all classes of materials. However, there have been challenges with achieving near-net- shaped parts, as well as developing new tooling materials to address challenges with graphite such as limited strength and inherent carbonization of samples. Microwave sintering has also shown promise for reducing sintering times and energy, but has always lacked a pressure component to aid in obtaining higher density and better uniformity. There is a need to investigate the integration of SPS/FAS with microwave sintering to push the boundaries of sintering science.