2018 Explore SDSU

Explore SDSU Open House is a free all-campus event featuring an information fair, academic program information sessions, tours and open houses. This is a great opportunity for future students to explore what life is like as a student at San Diego State University.

We also invite all SDSU alumni back to campus to reconnect with your favorite programs and departments, enjoy live entertainment, visit the Alumni Center, and explore campus to see what has changed.

In addition to activities for prospective students and alumni, there are dozens of activities for attendees of all ages.

Various ME faculty and student organizations showcased their labs and projects including:

  • Mechanical Design and Modeling Lab- Professor Tom Johnston
  • Machine Shop- Michael Lester
  • Robotics Demo- Dr. Kaveh Akbari Hamed
  • NanoFab & Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering- Dr. Samuel Kassegne’s student assistants
  • Aztec Racing SAE Formula

Below are some photos from the day:

DSC_0449.JPG       DSC_0432.JPG

IMG_20180317_131421815.jpg       IMG_20180317_131356498.jpg

IMG_20180317_131435630.jpg     IMG_20180317_131424839.jpg

IMG_20180317_132440503.jpg     IMG_20180317_131636493.jpg

DSC_0426.JPG    DSC_0415 (1).JPG