Dr. Youssef receives a $76,531 grant from DoD US Navy to conduct research on rim driven thruster for skip model propulsion

In this Department of Defense-sponsored project, we are investigating the viability of integration of rim driven thrusters in the propulsion of warships. The outcomes of this project will revolutionize the propulsion system for warships by simplifying the powertrain and drivetrain configuration while improving agility and performance. The project team consists researchers from SDSU’s Experimental Mechanics Laboratory (EML) and staff engineers from Cardorock Naval Surface Warfare Center. At SDSU, Dr. Youssef is working with Wayne Weers, SDSU graduate student who is currently performing testing and validation experiments at Cardorock, and Scott Newacheck, SDSU Ph.D. student who has been heavily involved in the technology development and integration. At Cardorock NSWC, Dr. Kieran Rutherford and Danielle Kolber have been instrumental to the success of the project thus far. The first generation of the developed technology was recently shipped to Carderock for platform integration and testing. This project is vital to solidifying the relationship coined last year between Carderock and EML.